NDPC holds National Development Summit to chart a Long-Term Perspective Framework

The National Development Planning Commission (NDPC) per its mandate to advise the President of the Republic of Ghana on national development planning and strategy, commenced a two-day National Development Summit on Wednesday December 20, 2023 to address current challenges and chart Ghana’s long -term development vision. 
Over 200 experts in policy formulation converged at the summit, to engage in comprehensive discussions on the way forward for maintaining inclusive growth and shared prosperity during the ensuing three decades. 
Described as the most representative gathering on national development priorities in Ghana’s history, the summit aims to foster constructive dialogue, build societal consensus and shape policy solutions that improves the living standards of all Ghanaians.
The outcome of the summit will be incorporated in Ghana’s draft Long-Term National Development Perspective Framework to be implemented over successive political administrations. 
Through high-level plenaries and syndicate working group, participants discussed six key thematic areas: economic development, social development, natural and built environment, governance, emergency preparedness and resilience, and implementation, coordination and Monitoring and Evaluation.
Key topics on the agenda included diversifying Ghana’s economy, increasing agricultural productivity, enhancing access to quality education and healthcare, upgrading infrastructure, strengthening climate resilience, combatting threats like illegal mining and unplanned urbanization, improving public service delivery and accountability, and mitigating risks like flooding.
The summit represents a pivotal moment to build bipartisan consensus and policy continuity towards the national vision given Ghana’s political cycle. By directly linking the long-term plan with immediate action roadmaps, financing, monitoring mechanisms and legislation. The summit will also ensure sustained progress between political administrations. 
Again, by engaging representatives from all key districts and socioeconomic groups in the debates, the summit will underscore inclusivity and shared responsibility in determining Ghana’s future.
The Summit comes as Ghana aims to accelerate its economic recovery, alleviate debt pressures and create opportunities for its burgeoning youth population despite global crises. While Ghana made significant gains before COVID-19, recent challenges faced by the economy largely as a result of the global pandemic and geopolitical tensions around the world have exacerbated fiscal and external imbalances.
Nevertheless, investor confidence remains strong in Ghana’s prospects. By targeting reforms that tackle instability and barriers to job creation, productivity and capability enhancement, the Summit will help the country remain a leading destination for business and capital investments.
Overall, the National Development Summit is envisaged to achieve the critical turning point for the inclusive growth story of Ghana to guarantee shared prosperity and intergenerational justice based on transparent and accountable governance. 
The government calls for constructive participation from all stakeholder groups to harness Ghana’s unique endowments and demographic dividend to chart an ambitious development vision that uplifts living standards for all citizens.  
Just as Ghana inspired Africa’s decolonization, the Summit is positioned to spark a groundbreaking made-in-Africa model for equitable and sustainable development driven by homegrown solutions.
By: Doris Adjetey
Principal Information Officer,


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