Environmental Development

Environmental Development refers to both the Built and Natural Environments. Built environment reflects Spatial Planning and the various infrastructure that defines it while Natural Environment is made up principally of land and forest, water bodies, mineral resources, the atmosphere and their preservation to influence the process of social and economic development. 

Environmental dimension in Ghana focuses on these broad range of issues: 
1. Protected areas
2. Mineral extraction
3. Coastal and marine management
4. Environmental pollution
5. Deforestation
6. Desertification and soil erosion
7. Land administration
8. Water resources
9. Climate variability and change
10. Human settlement development and housing
11. Drainage and flood control
12. Transportation (road, rail, air and water)
13. Energy and petroleum
14. Construction and development 
15. Infrastructure maintenance
16. Science, Technology and innovation
17. Information communication technology

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